Professor Layton obtains a letter that specifies about an artifact which can distort time itself!

Note: This is one of (probably) many parts. This is written in a script format, so if you hate these kinds of things, leave now! For the ones who are still here, I should tell you right now. I am NOT making any new characters here. If you want your OC to come in the next part, tell me.


Luke: Hm, a artifact that distorts time? Amazing!

-Professor Layton walks in-

Layton: Luke, what are you doing with those books?

Luke: Oh! Nothing, Professor., yup, cleaning!

-Luke drops the book he was hiding behind his back-

Layton: Hm, my suspicions were correct. You read a letter sent to me and hid it inside that book, and when I came in, you pretended to clean up.

Luke: Wow, Professor! How did you find that out?

Layton: I didn't. That was a guess, and you confirmed that was correct.

-Luke coughs and smiles sheepishly-

Luke: Here, Professor, sorry for peering into the letter.

Layton: It's fine, Luke. Even a gentlemen should do some mischief now and then.

-Layton opens the letter that Luke gave him-

Dear Hershel,

I know your probably busy with something, but I have found a artifact that is sure to make a impression. While I was studying some ruins, I stumbled upon a small case containing a scepter, carved out of pure gold. When I took it out and twirled it in the air, the whole area turned grey and the other archeologist that accompanied me were frozen stiff! I gave the scepter another shake, and everything returned to normal. When I went near one archeologist, he said, ""You were gone for so long, I thought you were lost in these ruins! Never stray far from us again, you hear?"". It only felt like 5 minutes! I came to the realization that the scepter can distort time. Maybe you can solve the mystery on how this artifact came to be.

Your friend and mentor,
Andrew Schrader

-Layton folds the letter and closes his eyes in thought-

Luke: What are we gonna do, Professor?

-Professor Layton looks at Luke-

Layton: Luke, we're going to Dr. Schrader's house.

Sneak Peek!

Layton: This does not distort the present. It distorts the future.

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