What happened so far...Edit

Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke heads out to Dr. Schrader's house to see the rare artifact spoken in the letter!

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Layton: Luke, give me the key included in the letter.

Luke: Yes, Professor!

-Luke hands Layton peculiar set of keys-

Luke: Which key is it, Professor? It doesn't seem that any of the keys fit the lock, and the head doesn't fit, either.

Layton: Why, Luke, just think this through and you can find the answer to anything.

-Professor Layton holds the set of keys in a straight line and puts all of them into the lock-

Luke: Ah, so all the keys make a shape of the keyhole when they're on one another! Brilliant work, Professor!

-Professor Layton turns the keys and unlocks the door-

Layton: Simple deductions, Luke. Lets not waste time in the hallway now.

-Professor Layton and Luke head inside-

Schrader: Ah, Hershel, never seen you for so long! How has your studies been?

Layton: No time for idle chat, Doctor. You've found a rare artifact, the Golden Scepter, am I correct.

Schrader: Yes...Yes...Here is the Golden Scepter. I have to warn you, the power is strong, and I worry in the wrong hands, there could be catastrophe.

Luke: Are you saying that Professor Layton isn't capable of handling the Scepter?!

Layton: Luke, settle down. I understand why your so worried, as to all that happened this past year and all.

-Professor Layton flicks the Scepter up and the world turns grey and lifeless-

Layton: So this is...the Golden Scepters ability...

-Professor Layton takes a small piece of paper and flicks the Scepter again-

Schrader: Hershel! You were gone for awhile, so I waited till you came back. I have a report that...what?...Hrm, it was here...

Layton: Are you perhaps looking for this?

-Professor Layton shows Dr.Schrader the small slip of paper he took-

Schrader: How is that possible? ...I don't remember putting it on the table, now that I think about it.

Layton: You don't remember because...

Luke: Because...?

Layton: This does not distort the present. It distorts the future.

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