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Team Layton Reacts is a fanfiction written by Lilpuzzlette64, and it is based around a reality TV programme where celebrities are asked of their opinions on different subjects. The rating is K+ for the understanding of some phrases. Characters and Professor Layton in general © Level-5

All things reviewed © their owners.


Hey hey! Alright, so this show is a little bit on the, *ahem*, rough side,but I think it is going to do well in the charts. The rules are:

No1. No swearing in the recording room!

No2. You are not allowed to leave the room until the tape is over.

No3. You refer to Mr. Beluga as "Boss".

That's it really. I'll see you after the show! ~Shauna~ making friends(Team:Layton,Emmy,Arianna,and Clive)Edit

Layton:W-What on Earth is this show about?And why is it named after me?

Shauna:Let me explain the rules.You are to talk in this room about a certain subject until we call you out. Don't swear,don't fight-well,not physically-and try to keep in subject. Is that 'kay? The subject is "making friends". Enjoy yourselves!

Layton:I stil don't understand why it has my name in it's title....

Clive:So,it's just like the Titanic,then?A struggle for survival?

Arianna: I guess so.Let's talk.

Emmy:I'm great at making friends,I'm like a magnet.

Clive:So do I!

Emmy: Ha ha!*lols*Nice joke,Clivinious,but you really do need an IQ.

Layton:I do believe there was no confusion in what he said,Emmy-

Clive: Oh,there's no confusion,Emmy's just a sarcastic witch.

Emmy:*gasp*Oh no,you didn't!

Clive:Oh yes,I did!

Arianna:Is this why he can't make friends?

Clive:Arggggghhh! I-I'll show you! I'll s-s-show you ALL!Shauna?Shauna?


Clive:Wanna' go to the cafe with me tommorow?


Emmy:Oh,she's so excited,she could put her hands round your-

Shauna:No,no,no!I-It's nothing!Aiiiiikkkkk! I'm A Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here!(Team-Katia,Lando,Descole,Luke)Edit

Katia:I'm glad Doughie won.

Shauna:As much as you are to be filmed on this show,she says hopefully?

Descole:Ignore her,I think Sinita was a wimp.

Luke:It wasn't her fault she was scared!She may have been....claustrophobic!

Lando:Lil' dude,do you even know what that means?



Katia:I'd be scared silly to be in a place like that.It looks awfully.....dirty.

Lando:That's what it's supposed to be like,girl.

Shauna:Is Lando from Austrailia?He sounds like an Austie....

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