Star Anise Earnhardt
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Psychic Detective (never seen)

English Voice Actor

(Never heard)

Home Town

Sacramento, California, U.S.


Lab Assistant



Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Dark Blue


Nathanial Earnhardt (ex-husband, presumed deceased)


Jean Descole's father (employer)


"Dear Diary, Today, 'Boss' asked me the strangest question..."

Star Anise Earnhardt is one of the main characters in Psychic Detective. She was known to resemble her daughter greatly.



Star wore a purple cardigan with a light yellow shirt underneath, a dark gray skirt, and a pair of light blue shoes. She also wore a green headband to keep her long black hair out of her eyes.


Star was a kind and intelligent woman, who was always up for anything. She was very outgoing and had a warm sense of humour.


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Pre-Story LifeEdit

Star Anise Earnhardt was hired by Jean Descole's father for a job at the Telepathic Research Institute in Sacramento, California. Nathaniel, her husband, was working in London, and he had previously divorced Star before she was hired.

Professor Layton and the Psychic DetectiveEdit

Star worked as an employee for Jean Descole's father, 35 years before the events of the game. He asked her if he could test a few of his own experiments on her, and Star agreed. However, he was experimenting on Star while she was carrying Brittney, which caused the experiments' results to pass down from Star to Brittney, thus giving Brittney unique abilities.

The chemicals overrun her body and destroyed her immune system, which caused her untimely death.



  • Star had a heart-shaped birthmark on her right wrist.
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