Souls are a sub-race of Azran set to appear in EmmyEeveeZorua's upcoming story, The Souls.


Souls are a race of deceased children 15 and under.  They retain their old personalities, and have some powers, but the ability to use it depends on the Soul, as not all Souls have the smae powers.. 

Powers: (Italic means all Souls can use it))

  1. To alter their appearance from the clothes they died in.
  2. To use telepathy and enter dreams
  3. Control Azran artifacts.
  4. Immortality.
  5. Ability to understand any language.
  6. Ability to pass through objects
  7. To read minds.
  8. Mind Control.
  9. Telekinesis
  10. Ability to locate Azran artifacts
  11. An empathatic bond with loved ones, and ability to tell if they are injured.

Souls can only be killed when their stones are burned, and they are able to be sealed in them.

Known SoulsEdit

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