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Shauna is the very first OC created by Lilpuzzlette64. She is a minor character with various different sides and bio. She appears in Team Layton Reacts and Livin' Like A Soldier, and represents Lilpuzzlette herself.


Shauna has ginger hair similar to Claire's, just shorter and in a bob. Her fringe looks like a snake that has swallowed a mouse. Her usual attire is a long cardie, a simple t-shirt, and jeans/leggings. She usually wears flats, as she doesn't care much towards fashion.


Layton is a big part of her life, as of LLAS, and acts like a step-father to her. It is unbeknowst what sort of things they do, but it seems she is very similar to Claire, and could also, like Emmy, bring back memories. She is quite lively in this fan-fiction, polite,and a "good advice giver", though, in TLR, she is short-tempered at times, and quite lazy. She is a welcoming girl, and has a slight friendship as well as rivalry with Clive.

Team Layton ReactsEdit

Shauna plays the part of the director of the TV show. She is often telling Clive off for his bad language, but they share a brother/sister type relationship. She often talks the other characters (not as much as Clive and Layton)with small bits of text. It is supposed she is scared of "Boss", as she warns everyone that they should absolutely not address him by his real name.

Livin' Like A SoldierEdit

Shauna is Emmy's friend in this fanfiction.They have had connections in her past, but not many. Her uncle-in-law, Delmona, does not care for her or her father at all. Her father did not return when he travelled on a business trip, which infers he died. She, in the present, lives with her uncle, Howard, and mother, Dawn. She frets over Layton's disappearence.


  • She is based around the female choice in Pokemon Rangers 3, but she is also similar to Claire and Arianna.
  • Lilpuzzlette64's first avatar is a picture of Shauna. She is also named after her owner.
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