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"You loved Dad...and've slept...with another man..."

Roberta Lynne Dove, more commonly referred to as Bobbi, is a character from Evolution Beyond Imagination. She is the daughter of Alexiana Josephine Dove and Clive Dove.



Bobbi gets her looks from her father. She has brown hair, big black eyes and tanned skin. Usually she wears a beanie hat with lots of badges pinned on, a vest, a jacket, and some shorts which are tightened with a large belt. Underneath the shorts she wears spotty tights and on her feet she had wellies.

The children at school joked about Bobbi being adopted, as none of them had seen her dad and she looked nothing alike her mum, so she decided to dye her hair dark blue. The side locks of hair (an only similarity to Alexis) are always plaited.


Bobbi is a bossy girl who sometimes softens up to people once getting used to their company. She's picky with both people and food. However she absolutely hates the guts out of her mum and thinks she did wrong by 'abandoning Clive'. Bobbi has a hidden sense of humor and childishness also, but she tends to hide it because she thinks people don't take her seriously.


Evolution Beyond ImaginationEdit

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  • In the story, her name is Bobbi because of Bobbie from The Railway Children, but Lilpuzzlette64 actually wrote the name because it is the name of a Professor Layton character she liked the look of called Bobbi. This Bobbi and Lilpuzzlette64's Bobbi look alike so her plans to make her OC take over Bobbi's job in Misthallery sort of looked a bit dodgy at first. However Bobbi's UK name is Molly. If the idea is published, then she'll be referred to as that.
  • Lilpuzzlette64 would like to call her daughter (if she has one) Bobbi-Lynne.
  • Even though she is based around Bobbie, her name doesn't end in the 'e'.
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