A fanfiction written by ~MissToraleiLayton.


“Professor, hurry up!” Emmy called from the car, this was her idea after all. She didn’t want him to drop out at the last minute.

“Yeah, professor!” Luke joined in. He was getting impatient.

The professor hurried down the driveway and quickly got in. Luke and he were getting treated by Emmy for a week. They were off to the beach, Barry Island to be precise. Luke had been looking forward to the trip for ages, but the professor was just looking forward to some time off work.

“Emmy, how long will it take?” Luke called from the back seat after only a few minutes driving.

“As long as it takes.” Emmy replied, winding Luke up. He just crossed his arms and looked out the window. Which made the car journey weirdly quiet for the rest of the journey.

It took a few hours to get there, and when they did they managed to carry all of their luggage in one go. Well, mainly Emmy’s luggage was the main problem.

“Welcome to the best hotel in the whole of South Wales, the Barry Lodge!”  I called from the entrance of the hotel. My father’s hotel to be precise.

“Hello young lady, who may you be?” the professor asked me. He seemed just as kind as he did in all the reports I’ve read about him.

“Catrin Nicholls. My father runs this hotel.” I replied, trying to look welcoming. They were my first guests.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Nicholls. I’m Professor Hershel Layton, and this is my assistant Emmy and little Luke here,  is my ‘apprentice’.”  I nodded and waved the other two before taking them up to their rooms. They bagged the best ones, which were in the little building outside. Which was also home to the spa and swimming pool. Oh, and my room was in there too.

“I’m going to leave you to it professor. Just call me when you are done and I’ll take you for a tour around the coast!”

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