There are several puzzles in Professor Layton and the Blue Crystals , here is a list of all of them.

Chapter IEdit

Their is only one puzzle in Chapter I appearing at Baker Bob's shop it goes as follows.

Puzzle No. 1 Mixed-up Muffins

Pictocrats: 10

Solved by: Natalie Triton

"These Muffins need to be stacked in a pyramid and change flavors every level. They pyramid needs to be 10 layers. Using these three layers: Chocolate chip, Fudge, and Blueberry.

Hint 1: Chocolate Chip is the least used layer.

Hint 2: Blueberry is the top layer.

Hint 3: Blueberry is the bottom layer.

Super Hint: Starting from the top, the layers containing Blueberry are, 1, 4, 8, and 10.

Chapter IIEdit

Their __________ puzzle(s) in Chapter II

Puzzle No. 2 Ocarina

Pictocrats: 25

Solved by: Natalie Triton

"Rising from the seas the choosen ONE, TWO others will rise along with the ONE, they will fall just as there were NONE, the choosen ONE triumphs a FINAL time, just as the sun sets alonge with this rhyme,"

Hint 1: It is important to read the problem more than ONE time.

Hint 2: Each note is used more than once.

Hint 3: The "one" note is used 3 times.

Super Hint:The word captalized represents each note to play.

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