Nightdrop is the home of Melody Adams and many other families. It's one of the places where you can expect the most rain.

Beginning of NightdropEdit

Nightdrop was founded around 10 years before Melody was born, making it 25 years old. It's name comes from the founders Luna and Raiine. Another theory to it's name is the fact it's always dark and it's really misty, and it rains a lot.


  • The Conway family
  • Lillian Allen
  • Nina Allen
  • The Cauchamars
  • The Nottes
  • The Regens

Notable PlacesEdit

Conway ManorEdit

Where Andrew Conway, Lili Conway, and Aqua Conway live. Also where the mayor, Jackson Conway, lives.


A small place in the back of town, which is really busy. Hard to walk through. First sighting of the Midnight Phantom (the cloaked figure) appears.

The Regen InnEdit

A place where travelers or visitors are welcome to stay. This is the resident of Rose, Peter, and John Regen, who are the respected owners of the Inn. But there is a dark secret about the Inn as well. THe secret being hidden mostly by John.

Nightdrop RiverEdit

A quite infamous river in Nightdrop, which is always cold and clean. Also a place for drinking water, but some people can be sent to the prison in the town for taking too much and using it for poison (which is easy to find out when watching for long enough)

River St. Police DepartmentEdit

A small police department, where Rebecca White works, along with a number of police officers. The lab is also in the basement of the Police Department, for inspecting water.

Hidden CircleEdit

A hidden circle in the back of the town, where Lili Conway shows him when he firsts arrives. Later something strange occurs.

Adam Home Edit

A place that seems to be empty, but some people think there are still people inside, and that the Adams ghost remain inside, and closed it off to the public. Light is seen from the inside some nights.

Allen LibraryEdit

The place owned by Lillian Allen. This is the source of all information.

Puzzleton's ShackEdit

The shack thaty belongs to Mr. Puzzleton. This is where Layton finds the puzzles he didn't get a chance to solve.

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