Natalie Triton

Natalie Triton outfit in Professor Layton and the Blue Crystals

Natalie Triton
Game Role
Professor Layton and the Last Specter (Cameo) Professor Layton and the Blue Crystals
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor
Home Town
Nat (Terrance)

Sis (Luke)

Nutalie (Johanna)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Known Relationships
Clark Triton
Brenda Triton
Luke Triton (Brother)
Terrance Parker (Love interest)

"A.D.D is my gift, not my curse,"

Natalie Triton is Luke Triton 's older sister, and one of the main protagonists in Professor Layton and the Blue Crystals. She tagged along, because she said, "I just want to spend some time with my brother," but it was later revealed that she was tired of her father,Clark Triton , telling her she was very unlady like. She has a crush on Terrance .

​Apperance Edit

In Professor Layton and the Last Specter ,Natalie wares a blue collared shirt, beige capris, black flats, and a white painted-stained apron which is filled with scissors, glue, pencils and other Arts and Crafts supplies. She has light brown hair that is pulled back in pigtails with blue ribbions.

In Professor Layton and the Blue Crystals , Natalie is much older. She wares a sleeveless blue V-neck tank top, black capris, brown boots, two black braceletts and a matching choker, and her usuall white paint-stained apron. Her hair is more of a carmel color and is clipped back.

In Natalie Triton and the New beging. She wares a blue tank top, with the upper half a dark blue, and the lower half a light blue. She wares black shorts, thigh-high black socks, black ankle high boots tiped and rimmed in white, with a white heel. She allso wares, black and white belts as well as a silver one, and a black cropped jacket. Natalie also wares two blue clips.


Natalie is usually happy, and tends to not pay attention, for she has ADD. Natalie tends to use this to her advantage and makings the most amazing crafts and costumes, you've ever scene. Much like her brother, she cares deeply for her friends despite the fact she has very few, for everybody of looks at her as "The weird girl who lives with the mayor," Natalie usually brushes the comments off with a smile and a "aww, thank you!"


"ADD is my gift, not my curse,"

~When being made fun of for having ADD

"Welcome Home, Lukie!"

~When Luke comes home after Unwound Future

"I painted you room purple, sorry,"

~Telling Luke she painted his room purple

"Hey Dad! Luke is home!"

~Telling Clark Luke came home.

"You and and another girl?!? Wait untill Arianna hears about this!"

~When Luke tells her about Flora

"He, is hot,"

~Seeing Clive

"Oh that, its a life-sized plushie of Loosha I made for Arianna. Like it?"

~Showing off the life-sized plushie of Loosha

"I like bananas!"

~Consulting fruit.

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