Macy Lewis is a young girl from America who appears in Professor Layton and the Astray Sisters. She finds out of Professor Layton because she is Luke's pen-pal and has been told about the mysteries they solve and the adventures they have.


Macy has an impish face somewhat and tends to puff out her cheeks a lot (due to being annoyed by Luke). She is a bit taller than Luke, which causes her to tease him. She is almost always seen wearing her school uniform. Although this is supposed to make her look 'neater' it doesn't really help because of her shirt being untucked.


Macy is an obnoxious, self-centered twelve year old girl who tries to act tough. The truth is, she really is a shy and scared girl who just wants to be noticed and acknowledged by others. She often teases Luke by taking his hat off and saying he isn't a gentleman. She can also be a bit rude and have a lack of respect to her elders, as she calls Professor Layton just 'Layton' which Luke scolds her on. She refuses to act like a lady and wants to be a kid forever. While there is truth to that, the reason for wanting to be a child is so she won't have to take care of herself when she grows up and live alone. Being alone is her greatest fear. As she gets older, she learns how to be mature and how to be a lady for Luke, whom she secretly likes.

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