"All humans have hearts of stone-and I shall have great pleasure watching you all die under the gaze of the Gorgons!"    -Lisa to Professor Hershel Layton when he warns her of the consequences her actions will have.
Lisa Adamson
Game Role
Antagonist, Major character
Professor Layton and the Mystery of stone

Professor Layton and the Dark Apple (cameo)

Professor Layton and the Atlantanian Treasure (upcoming)
English Voice Actor
Maria Darling, Lani Minella (child)
Japanese Voice Actor
Saki Aibu, Maki Horikita(child)
Home Town
Muesum worker
'Python Princess' (Grandfather)

Miss Adamson (Fellow staff members) 'Little Assistant' (Jean Descole, as a child)

Leah Adason (Japanese version)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Known Relationships
Unnamed (presumably deceased)
Unnamed(presumably deceased)
Mr Adamson (Unnamed, Grandfather)

Jean Descole ('Guardian', Rival) Professor Hershel Layton (Rival) Jeremiah Amore (Love interest)

Archie Pendrake (Friend, crush)

Lisa Adamson  (Pronounced 'Lee-sa Adamson') is a major character and the main antagonist in Professor Layton and the Mystery of Stone.


As a child, Lisa wore her hair in two woven plaits that fell around her shoulders, although she didn't wear glasses. Her favourite outfit as a child was a thin cotton dress covered in blue and violet flowers. She also wore gold coloured sandals and a flower in her hair. When she was sent to the orphanage, Lisa wore the orphanage uniform: a dark brown dress, which was covered in holes and rips because the other children constantly tore at it, as well as black thin soles and a dark jacket. Whilst living with Jean Descole, she started wearing glasses and had her hair done in two pigtails. She wore a white lab coat and makeup in her later years.

As an adult in the 'Mystery of Stone', she still wears her glasses and she still has her hair in two pigtails, secured with two hair pins in the shape of snakes. She wears a bubblegum pink and grey striped shirt with grey shorts and brown tights with black heeled shoes. She also has freckles. On top of this she wears a white lab coat and a golden pendent, given to her by her grandfather as a gift. Underneath her coat she also wears a belt, which proves useful for storing various items.

In 'Atlantanian Treasures', in place of her lab coat she wears an embroidered waistcoat decorated with an emerald snake over her striped top as well as hazel shorts, white leggings and trainers. Her hair style is generally the same and she still wears her glasses and pendent as well as a pair of emerald shaded snake earrings to match her slides.


As a child, Lisa had a bubbly attitude and embraced everything that life gave to her, even though she'd been told that her parents had died. She was fascinated in many things, including everything that her grandfather worked on. She was friendly and sometimes quite shy and naive. It was this weakness that allowed her to be the main target for bullying at her school, but Lisa just put up with it. After her grandfather was taken away from her and she was taken to the local orphanage, she changed greatly. She saw life as a punishment and would lock herself away in her room. She easily became upset and was bullied by the other children, but one day, when they started making fun of her grandfather, the violent side to her was born and she set out with a new determined attitude to life. When living with Jean Descole her personality was at first similar to when she was living with her grandfather, but after they quarelled, her malicious personality came back to her-and it continued to stay with her throughout the mystery, hidden underneath her innocent attitude.

When the professor first meets Lisa, she seems like a shy and obediant young woman, appearing hard working, kind, clever and caring to everyone she meets. Throughout the mystery, she is clever, brave, hard working and acts as a good friend to the professor and his assistants, constantly worrying about their safety. However, this innocent act turned out to be a disguise to get what she truly wanted. When her true colours come to life, she is shown to harbor a cunning and manipulative nature. When she is finally overcome, however, she tells the professor that she cannot describe how sorry she is for everything that she's done. She loves and cares about her grandfather deeply and is really a good person deep down.

In the first few scenes of 'Atlantanian Treasure' her guilt is clearly identifiable and she expresses a desire to redeem herself and to help others in any way that she can. Further on in the story, she possesses a strong attitude to fulfill the mission given to her by her grandfather and shows a friendly and rather affectionate side when in the company of Jem, Archie, Willow and the others.


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Early lifeEdit

Little is known about the earliest years of her life, so her main childhood is shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that a terrible fire broke out in Lisa's house when she was just a few years old. Her parents perished in the flames and it is unknown if anyone else made it out of the fire alive, but the police officers declared that Lisa was the only survivor. Shortly after the incident, her grandfather allowed her to live with him, taking her in as his own, but she couldn't recall anything of what had happened before the fire, leading her grandfather to believe she had amnesia. She had seemed to have forgotten about her parents and other family members, if she had any, other than her grandfather.

Lisa lived hapily with her grandfather for several years. They made each other happy and spent almost all of their time together. He sent Lisa to the local school, where she was bullied by the other children, but she ne ver told her grandfather, lest he worried about her. Her grandfather was also an expert archaeologist and would often take Lisa on trips around the world to visit exciting places. When he took Lisa to Athens for her ninth birthday, he uncovered a stunning archaeological discovery-what was believed to be the lost stone head of Medusa the Gorgon. Upon returning to America, Lisa felt slightly isolated from her grandfather as he worked endlessly in his study on some 'stunning project'. Lisa was very interested in his work and would listen to intruiging lectures her grandfather would teach her.  By the time she was twelve years old, Lisa knew almost as much as her grandfather when he completed his research. He made his findings public and announced that he had found proof that several Greek creatures believed to be myths, including the Gorgons, really existed in the past. However, this seemed like too much for the goverment to handle.

They sent a warning to Mr Adamson, demanding him to claim that his ideas were just a joke, but he would have none of it. Sensing danger ahead, he buried Medusa's head deep beneath the earth, where it would never be found. When Lisa returned from school a few weeks later, she arrived back at her house to find several men in white outfits dragging her grandfather away, whilst he screamed to her and begged her to save him. Lisa tried to save him but she was stopped by one of the men. She demanded to know where he was being taken, to which he replied that he was 'going away for a short while', in the hope that it would comfort her. Lisa told the man that her parents had died many years ago, when he asked her where her parents lived. The man sighed and took her to the local orphanage, much to Lisa's protests. The orphanage seemed to change her forever; she was constantly picked on by the nurses and the children, but she would just lock herself away in her room and put up with it. However, several months later, something inside her snapped. When the children abused her and ripped her last remaining photo of her grandfather, she almost strangled one of the children in her uncontrollable rage. The nurses locked her away in the cellar to calm down, where Lisa soon found an escape route and ran away from the orphanage.

For a week she wandered the streets, lost and homeless, until she finally collapsed, exhausted, underneath the nearest form of shelter. When she regained consciousness, she found that her rescuer was a scientist, a man called Desmond Sycamore (Jean Descole). He tended to her and told her that she was welcome to stay, if she would accept the position as his assistant. Lisa agreed and the two became good friends. Descole moved to a lab in London, as America brought too many bad memories for Lisa. Their bond strengthened over the years and they would buy presents for each other. It was Descole's pleasure to watch her perform a variety of experiments, but the other scientists accused Jean of putting her before his work, to which Descole shouted in response that 'Family comes before work'. However, it was too good to last. As Lisa grew older, Descole spent less time with her and turned his thoughts to uncovering the Azran and unearthing archaeological discoveries. He headed to Misthallery, home to the Golden Garden and began his plans by making the 'spectre' from the town's legend come to life. Sure enough, Professor Layton and his assistants managed to stop him, which didn't please Descole. He set his mind upon beating Layton and put everything else behind him.

When he returned to visit Lisa, she confronted him, demanding to know why he had left her for so long. Descole told her in an agitated manner as Lisa asked him why he did what he did. When he mentioned that 'it's all Layton' Lisa instantly put herself foward in assisting him to bring down the professor, to which Descole rudely told her he didn't want her help. Lisa became agitated and started to argue with Descole, who then began taunting her about her grandfather. Lisa exploded at this and told Jean that he would never be the man her grandfather was. Descole immediately threw her out on the streets, vowing that their paths would never cross again. Vowing vengence on Descole and Layton, Lisa travelled back to America in the hope that she could fulfil her wishes. Unbenknownest to her however, the real reason Descole threw her out was so that she would be safe from Targent, should they decide to kill her to prevent Descole's search for the Azran as they did with his wife and daughter.

Professor Layton and the Mystery of StoneEdit

Chapter 4- The museumEdit

Lisa's first appearance is in the fourth chapter. Professor Layton leaves Emmy in the animal exhibit to watch over Luke, Flora and Clive whilst he asks around the museum to find out where they may find the manager. The group investigates the exhibit and meets Lisa, who introduces herself as the snakes' carer. Clive grimaces at the snakes, hinting that they seem quite dangerous. Lisa explains that the snakes seem to be acting in an unnatural manner and that they have been acting like this for about one week. She cries quietly, wishing that she could ask them what is wrong as she has no idea what is causing them to act like this, although she is the only person that the snakes allow to approach them. Luke takes pity on her and, despite his discomfort of them, asks one of the snakes what is causing them to act in this way, by using his talent that allows him to talk to animals.

Luke answers that the snakes themselves don't know, as if they've had their memories erased. Lisa acts very strangely to seeing Luke's talent and seems shocked and bewildered that such a thing can be possible. She presses Luke for information, to which he tells her that he inherited the skill from his father. Lisa thanks him and proceeds to give Emmy a puzzle about snakes, which she answers correctly as the professor returns to the group. Luke introduces Lisa to him and explains about the snakes' scenario, to which Layton listens to intently. He tells the group that they should be heading to the manager's office and bids Lisa farewell, as she waves goodbye and turns back to the snakes with a new attitude.

Chapter 5- PetrificationEdit

When the lights turn back on and the deafening scream fills the air, the professor and his assistants, accompanied by the manager, Mr Hopkins, run to the reception area, where the majority of the staff are waiting. They demand to know what is going on and worry for their lives. Lisa is amongst them and continously worries about the snakes' safety. When Layton asks each of the staff where they were when the scream sounded, Lisa responds that 'the hissing was deafening'. After solving a puzzle, the professor orders them to follow him to the animal exhibit, where the scream came from. When they rush into the room, they are met with three stone statues, their faces contorted with fear. Whilst the professor, Luke and Clive search for clues, Lisa helps to comfort the staff as Mr Hopkins orders them to be careful. Clive finds a paper scrap and a cuflink at the scene of the petrification and puts them in his pocket in the hope that they will be of use later.

Mr Hopkins's nephew, Matthew, runs in panting, telling them that they have to see the latest footage from the security camera. Lisa accompanies the group to the technician's office to watch the video that the security camera's managed to capture. After solving a puzzle to get the technology working, Lisa watches with the group, horrified, as a Gorgon appears on the screen and petrifies the three innocent victims.

Chapter 6- The wrath of the GorgonEdit

As the group try to take in what is happening, Lisa stands silently, unable to believe what she has seen. Layton assures that everything will be alright as Luke's parents also try to lighten the situation. Mr Hopkins turns on them angrily, reminding them that 'there is a Gorgon running free in the museum' and they're not doing anything to change the fact at all. Lisa firmly tells Mr Hopkins that they need to stick together and that he isn't helping the situation either. He apologises but before anyone can do anything else, the monitors crackle and the Gorgon's face appears on the screen. Emmy demands to know what the Gorgon wants as it cackles evilly and demands that the head of Medusa be handed over if they want it to stop terrorising the museum, otherwise the museum and everything in it is cursed to live as dead stone statues. The group take cover when it continues to laugh. As it opens its eyes, Layton shoves Luke and Lisa aside before they catch a full glimpse of its eyes, saving them. The lights turn on again and another scream alerts them to another petrification. Lisa follows Layton, Luke, Clark and Emmy to the reception, leaving Brenda to carry an unconscious Flora, Clive, Mr Hopkins and Matthew back to the office for their safety.

Once in the reception, the group find Lisa's friend, Sarah, crying at the feet of the statue of her lover, Arnold Woodson. Lisa tries her hardest to comfort her as the group find another paper scrap and search for other clues around the area. The professor tells the staff that they should leave the museum for their own safety, only to find that all of the doors have been locked, preventing escape. The staff start to panic but Vincent assures them that the Gorgon has gone after the stone head of Medusa, which is currently in Mr Hopkins's office. The group run back to the office to warn the others, only to find it empty and trashed. After searching through the debris, they find a letter from Flora, including the information of where they are hidden in a puzzle form incase the Gorgon found it. After solving it, they reuinte with their friends at the library, but Lisa notices that Mr Hopkins and Matthew are not present. She asks where they are as Brenda explains sadly that Mr Hopkins and Matthew were claimed by the Gorgon after giving their lives for the museum. Lisa breaks down and weeps bitterly as Luke comforts her after she claims that it is targetting the staff and it will soon be after her. Layton promises that it won't get her which instantly comforts her. He then suggests that the group split up, in order to cover more of the museum and to fulfil different purposes. Lisa joins the professor, Luke and Emmy in searching the library for any useful information on the Gorgon, whilst Clive and Flora alert any staff who are unaware of the Gorgon's presence and Clark and Brenda search the lower area of the museum in the hope of finding the creature's lair. They go their seperate ways, agreeing to meet in the library in two hours time and warning each other to be careful.

Luke tells Lisa that it is most likely the Gorgon that is causing the snakes to act strangely, to which she answers that he is most likely correct and once again comments on his 'uncanny' talent. Layton asks the librarian for any books that could help them with the case, but the librarian rudely responds that one of the staff, Brundan Marsden, took the book on Medusa not too long ago. They also find out that Brundan is a regular to the library, which seems odd as his appearance suggests he is not a reading type. Finding nothing of use, Emmy decides to lighten the atmosphere with a puzzle. After Layton solves it, the lights go out once again and a familiar voice screams for help. When the lights come back on, Lisa and the professor notice the terrified look on Luke's face and fear the worst. Before they can act, Luke runs out of the library in the direction that the scream sounded, as Lisa and the others try to keep up. She hears Luke's horrified screams as she rounds the corner with the rest of the group and catches a glimpse of Luke screaming hysterically at the feet of a stone statue, whom they all knew well.

Chapter 7- A nighttime encounterEdit

After a careful examination, there is no doubt whatsoever that the statue is of Clark Triton. Lisa watches helplessly and silently as the professor tries to comfort Luke and Brenda, who came running down the corridor as soon as she heard Luke's screams. A few moments later, Clive and Flora come running into the room, sending Lisa to the ground. Lisa scolds Clive as he apologises with a sheepish grin on his face, before he finally acknowledges the statue in front of him. When Layton vows that he will not rest until the Gorgon is dead, Lisa suggests that they head to the cafeteria to get something to eat before they take shelter and rest for a while until they are ready to continue the investigation. Seeing that his assistants are tired, Layton agrees and takes them to the cafeteria whilst Lisa volunteers to check on Sarah. After a quick bite to eat they re-group and Lisa suggests that they rest in the security room and Mr Hopkins's office. She volunteers to watch over Brenda and Luke whilst Layton, Flora, Clive and Emmy rest in the security room. Clive keeps the head of Medusa safe inside his satchel, where the Gorgon cannot reach it. Lisa wishes Brenda and Luke a good night as she closes the door and settles down to rest.

Unable to get to sleep, Layton gives his assistants a few puzzles. Before the professor himself can settle down, Luke screams that the Gorgon is in their room. Layton yells to Luke to cover his eyes as he, Emmy and Clive run down the corridor to his aid, leaving Flora on her own for her safety. When arriving in the office, they see a dark figure looming over Luke as he continues to scream. Emmy kicks the intruder, but it turns out to be Lisa. Emmy demands to know why she was terrorising the teenager, glaring at her suspiciously. Shocked and dazed, she apologises to Luke, saying that she mistook him for the Gorgon and forgot where he was sleeping after she left to use the bathroom and returned to the room upon hearing him scream. Before Layton can question her further, Flora's screams fill the room. Clive and the others run back to the security room to find that the door is locked. After solving a puzzle, they unlock it and find Flora cowering in the corner as the real Gorgon looms over her. Lisa stands in the doorway silently as Clive and Luke attempt to fight the creature. As the Gorgon sends Clive across the room, Flora looks the Gorgon in the eye and a bright flash fills the room. When the group can see again, Flora's statue is all that remains. As Layton fights his tears at the loss of his daughter, Clive turns on him, blaming him for not saving her as a true gentleman would. Lisa breaks up the arguement by scolding Clive and telling them that Brenda is no longer present. Before the group can start looking for her, her screams echo across the corridors.

Chapter 8-The underground laboratoryEdit

After managing to console Luke, the professor suggests that they spread out in order to find Brenda. Emmy accompanies Luke whilst Lisa stays with Clive and the professor. As a different scream fills the air, Lisa runs in its direction. Layton and Clive try to keep up. She leads them into the library, to find the librarian has already been petrified. Lisa searches the shelves, listening to Layton and Clive as they search around the statue. Clive uncovers another scrap piece and tells the professor that he and Flora also found some scrap pieces on the higher floors. Layton explains that there are eleven in total, after closely examining them, meaning they have one left to find. They also discover the library log book, stating who has borrowed each book and they date they borrowed it. The log book shows the mythology book that Brundan borrowed, but in the time of two weeks, Layton sees a huge change of handwriting where he signed his signature, saying that he recognises the untidy scrawl. They also learn that Lisa is late in handing in a book on how to charm snakes.

Lisa joins them a few moments later, asking if they have found anything interesting. Layton tells her what they have found but doesn't ask why she is late in handing in the snake charming book. Lisa tells Clive that he looks tired from carrying around the head of Medusa in his satchel and volunteers to carry it for a while. Layton refuses (due to the discomfort it would give her) but thanks her for volunteering as a true lady would. Shortly after, Emmy and Luke return with an unharmed Brenda. She says that she has discovered a secret passage underneath the reception and that she fell down it by accident, which answers the explantation for her screams. The professor suggests that they explore it and they head to the reception area. After attatching a rope and sliding down it, the group follow the tunnel downwards until they come across a door which is wired to a complex array of buttons. A puzzle is required to open the door and if it is incorrect then the intruder gets electrocuted. With Brenda's algebra skills, the door opens and the group make their way into what seems like a used laboratory of some sort. Layton asks Lisa how old the museum is. She replies that it was built in the nineteenth century and modified in the twentieth, but the technology in the laboratory seems too complex to have been around back then.

Looking around, Luke finds the final paper scrap and after putting all eleven together, the writing turns out to be instructions for how to make a chemical that makes anything it comes in contact with 'turn into stone'. The professor warns the group not to touch anything, whilst he and Lisa try to create the chemical in the instructions to see if it really does exist. As Lisa helps, Emmy finds a pair of strange gloves , a device that makes anything anyone says sound like a snake's voice, as well as a broken remote. After fixing it, the group hear a noise from the corner of the lab and Luke goes to investigate. A few seconds later, Luke screams that the Gorgon has got him. Lisa almost drops the test tube in shock as Layton rushes to investigate. Confused, he asks Emmy for the remote and after pressing a few buttons, the Gorgon releases Luke. The professor rips out its eyes (which turn out to be two light bulbs), revealing that this Gorgon is in fact a robot. Lisa shouts that the chemical is ready and she tests it out on a test tube. When the tube turns to stone, all of the facts click together in Layton's mind.

Before anyone can act, the lights turn off and the Gorgon's voice fills the air, angry that they trespassed. It injures Clive and attempts to petrify him, but Luke fends the Gorgon off with a pipe he has 'turned into stone' with the chemical, giving Clive enough time to escape and Emmy time to switch on the lights. The Gorgon lunges for Luke and pins him to the ground, opening its eyes. Emmy runs in front of Luke and catches full sight of the Gorgon's eyes, suffering the petrification. Lisa comforts Luke, Clive and Brenda as the professor announces that there is one more thing he must check to prove his theory correct. Upon returning to the museum, the group notice that the statues of all of the petrified people have disappeared. Layton orders them to gather the staff in a specified room in the lower area of the museum, where he is ready to unmask the villain. Lisa stands in the centre of the room with Layton's assistants as the professor paces up and down before thrusting his finger at the one behind it all. 

Chapter 9- The true mastermindEdit

To everyone's surprise and outrage, the professor points to Brundan Marsden. He snarls and demands the professor to proove that he is the one behind it. Layton explains to the whole room the evidence that they had found that all pointed to him: Brundan's personality had changed vastly over the past week, which many people commented on, showing that it was clearly obvious that he had changed and that he was acting completely out of character. His handwriting had also changed in the past week, which isn't something natural that would occurr without a very good reason. Also, one of his cufflinks was found at the scene of the first petrification, but he had two cufflinks on his shirt when they first met him, storming out of Mr Hopkins's office when he fired him. Brundan growls and tries to resist, but a remote control flies out of his labcoat. Clive catches it and hands it to the professor. The group recognise it as it is identical to the one they found in the lab, that controlled the robot replica of the Gorgon. The professor pushes a button and the Gorgon immediately appears. The staff shield thier eyes but the professor walks confidently to the Gorgon and rips out its eyes (which turn out to be light bulbs),  revealing that the Gorgon is really just a robot. Brundan argues that it could've been planted on him to frame him, to which the professor reveals all of the evidence and states that he is the one using the laboratory as he has the remote on him and if he had the remote on him at that moment, he was planning on another Gorgon attack right there. He removes part of the skin off the Gorgon's hands to reveal the gloves Emmy found in the laboratory, smeared with a glistening substance. Layton also tells him that his handwriting is indentical to how he signed his signature in the library log-book, before telling him that the handwriting is easy to recognise. Thrusting his finger at the man, he demands him to reveal his true identity-Descole.

'Brundan' grins and takes off his mask, prooving Layton to be correct. He mocks the group before asking Layton how he knew he was the one behind it. The professor tells him that he recognised the untidy handwriting from the time that Descole impersonated Doland Noble (in the Last Spectre/Spectre's call). His change of attidue also hinted that someone was impersonating Brundan and clearly didn't know him very well. The lab and the complex puzzle lock were of a high design for someone who was familiar and experianced with puzzles and science (only an experianced scientist could've made the robots) and the gloves found with J.J.D also gave away the game: Jean Jaques Descole. Layton then reveals how he managed to make the 'petrifications' happen: having discovered the chemical one day when he was working, he wrote it down on a piece of paper in his usual untidy scrawl. At the scene of every petrification, he hid in the shadows with the robot Gorgon. He used the remote to control the Gorgon and the special voice alterer to make his voice sound like the Gorgon's. When the victims looked at the Gorgon, they would be too terrified to move and the Gorgon would place a hand (which was really the special glove that was smeared in the chemical that 'turned to stone' anything it came in contact with) on the exposed flesh of the victim so that they were 'petrified'. Layton also comments that the effect is only momentarily, hinting that everyone who was petrified is alive but is currently being held hostage somewhere in the museum. 

Descole then gives his version of events, telling Layton that he is correct about everything and explains his motive. He tells Luke, with great pleasure, that they had a nice little chat at the excavation site where he was currently under disguise to try and find some artefacts to sell for a good price (that he was posing as one John Rowley). He saw the head of Medusa being unearthed and found out that it was being sent to the local museum. Having set his sights on the artefact, he hatched a plan to try and steal it. Observing the staff carefully, Descole grabbed Brundan and posed as him to get close enough to Mr Hopkins and the stone head of Medusa, leaving the real Brundan bound and locked in an unknown room of the museum. After hearing how he abducted her friend, Lisa turns on Descole, calling him a 'fiend'. The man turns on her and addresses her by name, commenting 'how long it has been'. Clive demands to know how the two know each other, to which Descole reveals that she used to be his assistant four years ago, before he fired her for betraying him. This sets Layton thinking as Descole continues. He adds that once had had taken the stone head of Medusa he would've returned his hostages. The Gorgon was designed to terrify Mr Hopkins enough to hand over the treasure, but too many people became suspicious so he had 'no choice'. Descole snarls at Layton, blaming him for ruining his plans once again, whilst the professor just shakes his head in disgust. He boasts that 'no one could've made a plan greater than his own'. To everyone's shock, the professor tells him that he is incorrect and someone else had orchestrated a plan far worse than his own-someone in that very room.

Without hesitation, his finger shoots in Lisa's direction. She gasps in shock, pretending to be hurt beyond relief that he would suggest such a thing, but when her approach fails, she demands an explanation from Layton. He replies, coldly, that he will fulfil her request, as he announces that she was working with Descole as his assistant all along, as the plan was too complex for only one person to execute alone. However, he also adds that she had the real intention of betraying Descole to use the artifact for her own motivations (a fact that is made true when she snatches the satchel containing the head of Medusa away from him, after sending Clive to the floor). Layton continues, telling her that she seemed too interested in the artefact from the very beginning, therefore giving away the fact that she wanted the head for herself. She had tried to get it previously, asking Clive if he wanted her to carry the head for him. He accuses her of charming the snakes with the book borrowed from the library, as the snakes would've realised that the 'Gorgon' was a fake and would therefore have not been affected by it. He admits he doesn't know why she is charming them yet. He announces that she tried to steal it the previous night too, when Luke mistook her for the 'Gorgon'. At this point, Clive adds that she has a high salary so can't want the head for money like Descole-which can only mean she was planning something much worse.

Layton demands to know what her intentions are and seeing that her act isn't working, Lisa shows her true colours. She laughs her head off and mocks the professor for not knowing what she has planned.  She admits she knew exactly what the artefact was, but she wouldn't tell anyone incase it affected her plans. Layton's anger turns to confusion when she says that she should thank him, announcing that there is one final thing she needs for her plans, which is in the room, Clive leaps to his feet to stop her, but she throws a smoke bomb and vanishes, leaving everyone blinded.

Descole throws a firecracker and the smoke starts to clear. Layton tells the staff to get themselves to the safety of the reception whilst the group decide how they will stop Lisa. He asks the others if they all alright, before he notices a frantic Brenda questioning the staff. Clive feels uneasy and asks the professor if they are missing someone. Counting the inhabitants of his group, Layton realises with a wave of horror that Luke is no longer present. As the group frantically search for him, Lisa steps foward with a struggling Luke held captive in her grasp. Layton demands her to release him immediately, to which she refuses and continues mocking them. Clive becomes infuriated and lunges at her, but as Brenda calls out to him to stop, Lisa holds her knife against Luke's throat and asks Clive if he really wants to continue. He steps back, sickened, as Layton demands a full explanation. She only sniggers and apologises to the others for having to leave so soon and that they will miss the 'Grand Finale'. She pulls Luke towards the door as he screams out to the others for help. Brenda, Descole and Clive run after her, but Layton senses a trap and demands them to stop. Brenda and Descole freeze but Clive continues running, setting off one of the security traps that sends a cage on top of them. Lisa locks it with a puzzle lock and leaves with Luke in tow, leaving Layton to continuously scream his apprentice's name.

Chapter 11- Sinister plansEdit

As the hissing around the underground cavern ceases, a mocking voice rings across the cavern. Clark demands that the figure show their face immediately. Lisa steps out from the shadows, fulfilling his request, as she pretends to congratulate them on escaping the cage. As the professor demands to know what she has done with Luke, Lisa picks him up of off the cavern floor in answer to the professor's question. He is barely conscious, restrained and terrified beyond his wits, since Lisa inflicted slight injuries on him with her knife to terrify him into fulfilling her plans. As the professor once again demands to know her intentions and that she release Luke, she laughs bitterly and mocks him for not being as clever as his apprentice, who appeared to figure it out in 'one hundredth of the time it took' for Layton. After some quick discussion with his assistants and pointing out their main evidence, they finally come to a conclusion-Lisa intends to resurrect the Gorgon Race using the stone head of Medusa, the words on the tablet which was found with the head and 'the-one-with-snake's-tongue'-Luke.

Luke finally comes to, but the professor and Clive have to stop Clark and Brenda from running out and saving him, reminding them 'how dangerous and risky' the situation is. This is understandable, considering she immediately placed her knife to his throat again when they attempted to move. Since the others can't do anything to help Luke without risk of him being harmed, they have no choice but to listen to Lisa. When the professor asks her why she wants to do this, she explains that it will be revenge against 'all humans with hearts of stone' for taking her grandfather away from her. As a cutscene of her flashback plays, Lisa (now twelve) watches, heart-broken, as her grandfather is dragged into a waiting van and driven away to the local asylum. When the medics and officers learn that Lisa has nowhere to go, they drop her off at the nearest orphanage. The flashback ends there as she explains how she managed to escape from the orphanage after being abused and found by the scientist Jean Descole. The two were friends for a while, but as the years passed they slowly grew apart, until he eventually threw her out for 'betraying' him.

Lisa blames the professor for taking Descole away from her, but then seems to have a change of heart. She tells the professor why she has to fulfil her plans and asks if he truly understands and sees why. When he warns her of the consequences her actions will take, she gnashes her teeth and declares that 'all humans have hearts of stone' before dragging Luke away with her. As the professor tries to form a plan to save Luke, Brenda runs after Lisa. Desperate to stop her, Emmy and Flora also run after her, but Lisa summons her snakes to go after them. They bite Emmy and Brenda, making them fall unconscious. Flora trips on a rock and is immediately surrounded by snakes. The professor and the others try to save her, but the snakes begin to surround them too. Luke becomes hysterical and begins thrashing on the platform they're on. Amused, Lisa asks him if he's finally feeling cooperative. Luke nods desperately and begs her to stop the snakes. She simply tells him to 'order the snakes to himself'. As the snakes advance, Lisa calls out the ancient verse and Luke demands the snakes to stop in their language. The snakes retreat but Luke is horrorstruck at what he's done. Lisa then congratulates him and eagerly awaits for the rise of the Gorgon Race.

Chapter 12- The rise of the GorgonsEdit

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Chapter 13- The fight for survivalEdit

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Professor Layton and the Dark Apple Edit

Lisa makes a minor appearance in a bonus episode of the game, titled 'A Father's nightmare', which can be acquired after finishing the story. The episode is told from Clark's point of view and goes into depth about the nightmare he experienced after drinking the drugged water. In it, Luke is once again held hostage by Lisa, whom has also taken Brenda captive. However, the Sorceress of Darkness interrupts the nightmare and after murmuring an incantation, Lisa mutates into a Death Dog and the episode ends with Clark screaming for her to spare Luke this time. Although she does appear it is only in Clark's nightmare and she has no effect on the plot of the story.

Professor Layton and the Atlantanian Treasure Edit

Little information is known about the plot of this story as of yet, but the story begins with a brief cutscene of Lisa experiencing a nightmare in prison and awakening, startled, to see a shadowed visitor standing outside her cell. When Lisa demands to know who he is, he merely states that she'll find out soon enough and instead requests for 'that little jewel you found in that stone head'. Bemused, Lisa tells him that she has no idea what he's insinuating and he angrily storms away, warning her that he won't be so lenient when their paths next cross. All of this Lisa recounts to her grandfather when he visits her in prison and although he insists that there is nothing that she should be worried about, he leaves her cell with a grave, terrified expression upon his face.

Further on in the story, it is known that she accompanies the professor and his assistants at some point and meets Jem and Archie, who she becomes remarkably close to and bonds with during the key events of the plot. More information will be uploaded in future.

Trivia Edit

- Lisa was 5 years old when her parents were killed in the fire. This would put her at 22 years old in 'The Mystery of Stone' and 23 years old in 'Atlantanian Treasure'.

- In a bonus episode in 'The Mystery of Stone', it is revealed that Lisa is the one who gave Descole his cloak and mask, after being inspired from a tale she read in a fantasy book. In turn, Descole is the one who gave Lisa the book on snakes that she treasures even to this day, despite his betrayal to her. In a bonus episode however, she is asks the professor to give it to Luke as her own way of apologizing for her despicable deeds.

- Like Descole, Lisa was a rather talented scientist after having been taught by him and thoroughly enjoyed performing experiments in his laboratory.

- Lisa looked up to Raymond as a father figure whenever Descole wasn't present and referred to him as 'Mr Raymond' to show her appreciation.

- According to Descole, Lisa reminded him too much of his daughter, Luna, which understandably made him worry about her safety constantly, after remembering the fate that his daughter met.

- The pendent Lisa wears is the only thing left of her early life, which is why she treasures it so dearly.

- When visiting Vincent's cafeteria at the museum, she reveals that her favorite meal is paella washed down with a banana milkshake or black coffee.

- Lisa adores the snakes at the museum so much and named each of them separately to show her individual love and care for each one of them, despite her actions later on in the story.

- It is known that she has a mild crush on Archie Pendrake but possesses stronger feelings for his best friend, Jem. Archie too feels secret affections for Lisa, but values his friendship with Jem above all else.

- According to a cutscene of Lisa's past, it is revealed that she abhors fairy stories as happy endings don't really occur in real life. Thus she sees them as cruel lies and hates them as a result.

- Lisa was imprisoned in London rather than America so that she could be with her grandfather, after he expressed a desire to travel to London and try to earn a professorship at the university to start his career anew.

- Due to the events of her past, Lisa has a strong hatred for politicians, scientists and people of high authority. In this way she has similar traits to Clive Dove.


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