Welcome to the Layton OCs Wiki
This is a wiki about all different Layton OCs and fan fiction stories that people have made up and posted on here. Feel free to help us out by editing any of our pages! Looking for inspiration for a new Professor Layton fan-fiction? Check out what other people on here have done! Have fun!

The Rules

This wiki is slightly different than other wikis. There are specific rules that you will have to follow. These rules are for the users' sake, not because I want to be strict on them!
  1. The types of pages that you are allowed to create are: an OC page, a location in your FF or a Fan-Fiction page only.
  2. You can only edit your own pages unless you have permission to edit someone else's or if there has been vandalism on a page.
  3. Admins and Bureaucrats are automatically given permission to edit all pages for maintenance and/or unediting vandalism, and does not apply to Rule 2.
  4. When uploading images, please use the appropriate license--which will most likely be "I took this photo myself" or {{Self}}.
  5. No vandalism! What's the point? It only gets you into trouble.
  6. Give credit where it's due! If you got inspiration from somewhere, say where you got it from.
  7. No plagiarism! Coming up with your own ideas is part of the fun!
  8. This wiki has only just started, so nice, enthusiastic users would be ideal.

Well, that's all! For now...

~MissToraleiLayton - Founder

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