"A.... lost and forgotten song child? I don't believe you!"

Katie Adams
Casual Katie

Full Name:

Katherine Renee Adams

Birth date:

June 3, 2000




Mother: Addison Lillian Adams

Father: Dylan Lukas Adams

Big Sister: Melody Cecilia Adams

Hair Color:

Chocolate Brown

Eye Color:

Light blue


Kathy (to hide from Melody)

Katie Adams is the main protagonist in Professor Layton and the Forgotten Child, and the younger sister of Melody. She also appears to be a lot different than what everyone thought she would be.

Profile and PlotEdit


At the beginning of Forgotten Child, she appeared to be wearing black pants, a blue hoodie, and tennis shoes. Later, she is wearing black boots with blue socks, a blue skirt (which has short black leggings underneath), a blue vest, and a white shirt, along with blue fingerless gloves. Her brown hair seems to be short, and part of her bangs hide her face. She also has somewhat of light blue eyes.


Instead of being that 'quiet, relaxed girl', Katie is always looking to get into trouble by nearly hurting herself. She surrounds herself with boys as friends, and hangs out with them a lot more. She knows how to ride a skateboard due to the boys she hangs out with, and hates any kind of dresses, and can eat like a pig, unless it's in public. She'll wear a skirt because she finds them easier to move in then pants, but wears leggings underneath to keep away the perverts. She also plays many sports, except for football due to Melody, and as a small collection of medals from games she's won.

Early LifeEdit

As a young girl, Katie was the same she is now, mostly tomboy-ish. She always played soccer with the boys, and didn't cry when she was hit anywhere by any kind of ball. She grew up playing mostly sports and hanging out with the boys, and playing tricks and pranks on the girls in her grade, especially the ones who HATED bugs. She wasn't afraid to kill bugs, or catch the non-poisonous ones. She loved to play video games as well, especially against her best friend, Drake Moore.


  • She is suppose to be like the total opposite of Melody.
  • She wasn't suppose to be a tomboy, but LostSongChild came up with it at the last moment.
  • Her theme is the first minute of Love Is War (the karaoke/instrumental/off vocal)
  • She is a Gemini (?)

Author's CommentEdit

Oh yes. I'm starting these here.

Anyway, Katie is... Katie. She's the anti-version of me, not that shy girl who doesn't know about skateboards or anything like that, because as I said, Melody is based off of ME, so Katie is like, the COMPLETE opposide of Me/Melody. I was writing her profile and I was like "Wait, what IF she's a tomboy and the complete opposide of Mel?" and then it hit me, so I went with that, and I just love her now. I can easily come up with a personality, and easily make the character. So I used my little writing magic to make Katie.

Anyway, her friend Drake Moore will be coming soon as well as Eleanor's 'boyfriend'.

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