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Josephine ConteEdit


Fanart by Lucky67. "Oh, nice to meet you. How about some tea~?"

Josephine Conte is a major character in Lucky67's PL Fanstory. She is 10 years old, and she has French origins.

She is an energic, clumsy and somewhat silly young girl that follows the professor Hershel Layton in his adventures. Her ability to solve puzzles is quite limited because she dislikes mathematical puzzles. Whenever she puts efforts in it, she can show that she has a smart and logical mind.

She enjoys everyone, and getsangry when she senses danger in someone. She has the ability to guess people's age, and from 0 to 10 years old people, she can guess their exact age. (from the months, to the hours)

She considers herself as an orphan since she never seen her parents from her 5 years old. Her aunt, Agathe Conte, nurtures her. She has a lost big brother, who has been sent to an educative center because he was starting to be dangerous. She didn't seen him since her 4 y/o and a half.

Known Sentence from herEdit

"A miracle happened: I solved a puzzle!"

"Yay! Gotcha, puzzle!"

"Erf... Hate puzzles."

"I... I wasn't ready for that...!"

Formal InformationsEdit

Home Town: London

Known Relationships:

Caroline Hawks (hidden friend)

Bill Hawks  (hidden friend)

Professor Hershel Layton (mentor, friend)

Luke Triton (friend)

Dylan (PL3)  (friend)

Colors of eyes: Red

Colors of hair: Brown

Color of Skin: White

Age: 10

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