Jayden Damaris


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English Voice Actor


Home Town

London, England


Art working for Descole helping Layton


The Masked Tagonist

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Jean Descole (partner,love) Hershel Layton (friend)

Broneph Reinel (Rival) Luke Triton (friend) Emmy Altava (friend) Jenis Quatlane (teacher/friend)

Jayden is a tritagonist, but her role is yet to be found.


Jayden has brown hair tied up in a braid, green eyes, and wears a gold cape that has a collar like a shirt. She has a grey napolianic type hat with feathers, brown boots, and a silver and gold top and bottom. Besides her regular appearance, she also has plenty of disguises. Unlike the disguises that Descole wears (btw, if you don't know he disguises as real exsisting people) her disguises are completely made by herself (identity and all.)


Jayden is kind hearted, calm, and elegant. She is loyal to those who she loves and pity's the unloved, used, lonely, and overlooked. But that... Is only her good side. Underneath all of her good qualities lies a cruel, twisted and insane mind. With a love of poker cards (her favorite being ace of hearts) and games, her villianly focuses on testing human limits and tampering with fate. Mixed with music, magic, and legend.

Early Life

Before she started working with Descole Jayden was a music lover. She loved music so much that when she grew up she moved next to an opera house. She knew Oswald Whistler and Melina Whistler very well and she learned how to sing better from Melina. But when Melina died she started learning from Jenis. The problem was with all of this is that Jayden had a terrible sickness that when she stood up for more than an hour she would become dizzy and collapse.

She met Descole when she was singing an opera. Descole had heard that she had a beautiful voice and could learn any kind of music no matter how hard it was. The opera was for two hours and Jayden didn't know if she could do it. But she prevailed. When she went on the next time she started feeling dizzy. The the lights turned off and she collapsed. But she felt someone catch her and everything went black.

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