"No! I won't let you take my book from me!"

Jason Lumiere
Casual Jason

Full name:

Jason Darren Lumiere


October 5th, 2001




Roxanne Lumiere (mother)

Eleanor Lumiere(Oldest sister)

Annabelle Lumiere (Older sister)

Hair Color:


Eye Color:





He's the youngest of the family, so there's no one younger

Jason Lumiere is a protagonist for Professor Layton and the Cursed Song, and he's the youngest of the Lumiere family

Profile and PlotEdit


He has messed up black hair that never seems to stay tidy, black dots for eyes. He usually has his black jacket with the color out, along with a red shirt underneath, a gold-colored belt, brown pants, and blue shoes.


He's REALLY pretty much silent almost all the time, which makes him un-noticable and which makes him a good spy. He almost never speaks when spoken too, and is pretty much always alone, aside from his family. The only time he's not silent, is when sometime takes or messes with his book.

Early LifeEdit

He was born on October 5th, 2001 in Florest, his hometown. When he was old enough to go to school, he went to Bloomin Elementary school. He tried to make friends, but never seemed to be able to. He then found a book outside one day and kept it. He grew an attachment to the book, seeming so not be able to put it down unless he was asleep. People started to think he was just plain weird, and left him to himself. Later, he was enrolled in StarFlower Academy, and went there for 6th grade. 

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