Emma Daniels is the childhood friend of Clive Dove and is from the United States of America. She and Clive eventually fall in love and have a daughter named Cleva. After she and Clive get married, her name is changed from Daniels to Dove.


Emma is an average height woman with brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a white sweater with jeans with tennis shoes. When she is younger she wears overalls with a bow in her hair.


Emma was bullied all her life, from living in America and after moving to England. So she was often crying and very shy, always afraid if someone were to pick on her. That changed when she met Clive. She became a happy person willing to talk about her feelings any time. After the accident when she became pregnant with she and Clive's child she felt depressed and unable to talk to anyone, including her family and Clive, which made her a lonely single mother. She always thought of herself as a terrible person, and thought of killing herself at times, but Cleva kept her from doing that. Every time she saw her daughter she felt happy. It was the nights that killed her. After Clive is bailed out of jail by Layton and co. Emma apologizes to Clive and they get married and she feels like the happiest person alive again.

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