"There's good and bad. It's just your choice of who to be..."

Eleanor Lumiere
Casual Eleanor

Full Name:

Eleanor Mable Lumiere


July 5th, 1993




Mother: Roxanne Lumiere

Sister: Annabelle

Little Brother: Jason Lumiere

Hair Color:

A faded brown

Eye Color:







Waitress at MoonSpirit

Eleanor Lumiere is a protagonist in Cursed Song.

Profile and PlotEdit


Eleanor has faded brown hair and green eyes. She usually wears a orange shirt under a pink spaghetti strap dress, yellow tights, and brown boots.


She's nice when it comes to her family and friends, but she's really a strict woman when it comes to harming them, and she won't stop anywhere to call for help, she's fight. She promises things a lot and attempts to keep them, unless it has something to do with her love life. People have been trying to get her to smoke and things like that, but she's always refused. She needs good lungs to play her clarinet. She's tasted wine before, but like small tastes to make sure there's nothing wrong with it. She doesn't have anyone she loves, and hopes she doesn't until she can get her family already supported enough they don't need her. She always seems to be ready to help someone in need and teach things to anyone.

Early LifeEdit

At first she was alone in her family, when her last name USE to be Allen, but after Annabelle was born, her mother and father were divorced and she took care of the family. She started to work at eight, then a few years later, when she was thirteen, her mother re-married, and had another child. Her husband stole their money and left them later. She went after the man and got their money back, and he went to jail. She then learned to fight by taking archery lessons, and promised she would work to support the family. She became good friends with the farmer's son, Reynard, nicknamed Ray, and they would trade often.


  • Eleanor and Ray are slightly based off of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games.
  • Her name means light.
  • Eleanor's english voice actor would be Emma Tate (Voice actor of Janice Quatlane)
  • She loves to play her clarinet whenever she can.
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