"...Even with the slightest mistake, one may lose what he desires forever."

Diane Alyssa Lumina Specula is one of the protagonists in Professor Layton and The Blue Blade.



She usually wears a black and blue-gray university uniform, with gray knee-high socks, and high boots. She has deep, bluish-purple eyes and long, brown, partially wavy hair, usually tied in a half-pony tail. She rarely lets her hair down, and rarely wears anything other than the uniform in public.


An elegant, refined woman, she has been trained to be one since childhood, as she was the daughter of Duke Davide Specula. She has very well mastered true poise and grace. She is an intelligent as well as clever girl In public, she resumes her reserved manner, but when indoors with close friends and family, she may very well be considered another person.

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