Crystal Thunder Layton
Game Role
Main Protagonist
English Voice Actor
Lani Minella
Japanese Voice Actor
Emiri Katou
Home Town
Partner to Professor Layton
Hair Color
Eye Color
Known Relationships
Professor Hershel Layton
Claire (deceased)
Sammy Thunder (as of Diabolical Box)
Alfendi Layton
All Minor Characters (friends)
All Major Protagonists (including Flora Reinhold) (friends)

Lucille Layton (paternal grandmother)
Doug (great-uncle)

Roland Layton (paternal grandfather)
Crystal Layton is the daughter of Professor Hershel Layton. She is a main protagonist in the overall series.

Biography - Profile 2Edit

Crystal Layton is the daughter of famed Professor Layton. A puzzle fanatic and fashionista at heart, Crystal may seem stuck-up and snobby, but, oh, what a misunderstanding! Crystal is indeed kind and caring, and follows in her father's footsteps to become a true English gentleman (or lady, in this case). Unrelated males, including young boys, tend to fall in love with her for her overall self (mostly appearance) and give her presents at random. This includes Luke!


Crystal wears a tiny blue, amber, and yellow bellhop hat, and has her orange hair in a bun on the back of her head with long, thin locks at the front of her head. She has big black eyes similar to Flora's, and has peach lipstick. She wears a blue crop-top with long sleeves, and yellow buttons. She wears a long matching blue skirt, and plain blue flats. She has white skin.

When she was five years old, she had a layered bob and a periwinkle dress,

When she was six, her layered bob was now a hairstyle similar to Celia Raidley's, and her dress was pink and more fancier.

Pre-Game LifeEdit

Five years before Claire "died", Crystal was born to Claire and Layton. She grew up to be strong, healthy, and happy. But she lost much of that happiness when her mother "died". However, shortly after, she started suspecting that Claire was alive and dead at the same time, when the incident was met by quite little media coverage. She got frightened when her father went into a coma for a month, and was afraid he was dead. But she learned how to take care of herself and others quickly, and because of this, Layton survived. Layton told her about his life, then, and and taught her a few puzzle strategies. Because of this, she quickly became adept at solving puzzles on the first try with no strain, no matter what their picarat value. She was soon hired to be her father's partner. She regained much of her happiness.


  • She's 15 years old.
  • Professor Layton, Anton Herzen, Jean Descole, Randall Ascot, and Crystal are the only characters shown to know how to fence.
  • She knows ninjitsu, kung fu, karate, and judo.
  • Her "future self" looked like this... She was part of Targent, and had a relationship with Bronev. Her hair was much longer, was worn naturally, and got more blonde over the years. She regained a new skill-shooting a gun. This was what gave her away to NOT be Crystal's future self.
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