DetectiveLayton92 Romance PG

Back Home is a one shot set between the events of Brittney Earnhardt's Psychic Detective and Shadowed Abductor.

Jean and I had gotten into a fight a few weeks back, almost immediately after he proposed, and it got rather heated. I can't even remember what it was about, but I do recall that I ticked him off. I think I inadvertently called him weak, and he obviously didn't like that.

His hand struck me so hard that little stars of white light floated in front of my eyes for a second.

Wow, I thought. Haven't felt that in a while.

I remember staggering backward, bumping into Raymond accidentally. He held out his hand to steady me, but I waved his offer away.

"No," I had said, clutching my stinging cheek. "I probably deserved that." It still brought back painful memories.

Nevertheless, I made the decision that we needed a break from each other, since I would never want to stay angry at him. He stayed home--it is his house, after all--and I resided at a friend's place, being careful not to arouse any questions.

I remember knocking on Marissa Weldon's door, with a small suitcase in one hand and a crumpled Kleenex in the other. Only for tears of pain, both physical and emotional.

"Can I stay here for a while?" I had asked.

"Sure, sure, but what happened?" she had said, letting me in.

"I don't wanna talk about it."

Whenever she'd try to bring up the subject, I'd either lie or say nothing at all.

The coarse blankets of Marissa's spare bed were nothing compared to the luxurious, red silky-satin sheets of home. I'm not sure if it was strictly because of this, but I couldn't sleep. I felt I had no choice but to beg him for forgiveness.

I twisted my ring around my finger, cradling the phone between my shoulder and my chin, waiting for him to pick up.

"Honey?" I whispered, clutching my pillow with one arm.

He sounded groggy, as if he were still half-asleep. "Mhmm...?"

"I'm sorry." I sniffed, a single hot tear rolling down my cheek. "Please forgive me."

He seemed to wake up a bit more. "Apology accepted." He paused for only a second before saying, "I miss you."

"I-I miss you too. Can I come home?"

That answer required no thought at all. "Of course you can, dear."

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