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Annabelle Roxy Lumiere
Annabelle Lumiere


March 3rd, 1998




Roxanne Lumiere

Eleanor Lumiere

Jason Lumiere

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Jason Lumiere

Annabelle Lumiere is a protagonist in Professor Layton and the Cursed Song. Annabelle is also the youngest daughter of Roxanne Lumiere.


Annabelle has wavy black hair, green eyes, and pale skin. Her black hair is usually in a braid and thrown over the front of her chest,  with a small black band to hold it. Annabelle wears a black chocker, a dark red shirt, which has sleeves that end at the elbows, and a red vest over it. For her own reason, she wears black shorts and gray tights underneath, and pink converse. She also wears black fingerless gloves.


If there is a word to describe Annabelle, girly is not one of them. Annabelle is more of a tomboy, buy she gladly shoves that aside for dancing. She has manny fears, but her main one has to do with being alone (Since she's always had someone around, friend or family, it never mattered. Annabelle loves music, especially since she can dance to it, and can be caught in her bedroom dancing at anytime of the day, even in the dead of night. Although Annabelle dances at anytime of day, she can be caught outside at night, dancing.

Early LifeEdit

Annabelle was born on March 3rd, in 1998, in her hometown of Silverview.

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  • Her name means "graceful" in Latin and French, which explains how she is great at ballet.
  • She is like Flora, a horrible cook.
  • Her voice actor would be Claire Morgan, the voice actor of Amelia Ruth.
  • She tries to lean more on the tomboy then girly girl side.
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