Annabelle Lilianne
Better scanned version of Gumi


Professor Layton and the Future Millenium

English Voice Actor

Kurari Sherly

Home Town

Shibuya, Japan




HARCA (stage name, rarely used), GUMI (nickname, always used)

Hair Colour

Bright Green

Eye Colour



Toshihiro Harukaze


Hirari Harukaze


Janice Quatlane (Idol, best friend), Aika Quatlane (best friend, duet mates)

~Kurari Sherly

"Love is all we need!"

Annabelle Lilianne (春風 めぐみ, Harukaze Megumi) is one of the characters on Professor Layton and the future milenium.



She wears a white jacket with pink shirt + red stripes in it. She currently wears a short pants, long socks, and boots.


Gumi is a hyperactive girl who loves to sing. She's smart and always open for new things. She can be a bit emotional at times, but she can control herself.


Early LifeEdit

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Gumi has a very wealthy family, and she is told to have singing lesson since she was 3.

Professor Layton and the Future MilleniumEdit

Chapter 5: Princess of songEdit

Gumi appears for the first time here, while singing with Janice and Aika. She explains more about herself to the professor and Luke. Here, she is wearing Janice's dress.

Message from the author Edit

I am Kurari Sherly :3 Please do not claim Gumi as yours. She is mine. And don't steal ideas from me! (Use it as an inspiration is a YES, but credit me please)


  • When she is happy and excited at the same time, her eyes changed into star-shaped
  • She is also an all-genre singer (except she can't sing hard rock and heavy metal)
  • Her name, Megumi (愛, read as Ai, and Koi), can also means Love. The kanji 恵 (Megumi), can also be used too.
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